October meeting minutes

NRZ meeting 10/2

Julie swan started the meeting at 6:05

She introduced Fire Marshall Don King from the Fire Department. The Red Cross is donating smoke detectors with 10 year batteries. Please contact him at (860) 826-4305 or the Red Cross at (877) 287-3327 if you are interested.

Julie encouraged members to sign up for the program. You can get 1 per floor of you r home if you are a New Britain resident.

Julie then introduced Margaret Malinowski from the Department of Municipal Development. She talked about the First Time homebuyers program. You qualify as long as you haven’t owned a home for 3 years. It’s a 2nd mortgage on the home and provides up to 20% of the purchase price so you wouldn’t have to pay mortgage insurance.
The bank prequalifies you and you have to attend NHS’s first time homebuyers class. You are responsible for pre-paid costs in the closing, but the city pays the rest of the closing costs.
She also talked about the business assistance program. It is available to new or current businesses. You get $35,000 for every job you create or retain at a low interest rate. You have to be in danger of laying off people or starting a business. They will place liens on property to secure the money, however. You have 6 months to hire the promised employees.
Margaret also update me the NRZ on 481 East St. She is hiring a surveyor to get the boundaries of those properties and once that is done, she can proceed towards demolition. She did say that there are title issues that she is working on.
Margaret reported that they have collected $65,000 thought the clean and lein program.

One of the members expressed a concern about the light at the corner of Bank and Main. The light doesn’t change that often. Chief Wardwell will have someone look into it tomorrow.

Julie said no interest has come forward about Aquinas.

Julie reported that National Night Out was a success.

Julie reported that she and Sgt. Keller have been working with Dattco about traffic concerns on Wynola Ave. She also said that she spoke with Bill DeMaio about parking at Chelsey Park. He said to contact the PD so that they can ticket parking violations.

Julie will be inviting Brian Pehalski from the state’s attorney’s office to speak at our November meeting on 11/6.

Meeting adjourned at 6:52

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